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Tweezer BL-01 Bent - Bling Online Store

Tweezer BL-01 Bent

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Non-Magnetic Anti-Acid Super hard tweezer for eyelash extension. Bling Online Store will provide them with the whole sale value. Also, Bling Online Store offers the best and largest selection of eyelash extension products and Lash Lift supplies, trays and other products with competitive price. Free shipping on order of $100 or more. 14 day return policy with free returns in the USA.
We know how hard eyelash extension application can be on the hands. Our products are crafted from the finest surgical stainless steel available.  Our collection includes the most popular styles that every lash technician should have.


These high quality stainless steel help eliminate finger, wrists and hand fatigue. Give your hands, fingers and wrists a much needed break from the constant pressure of pinching closed tweezers.

Product Info Overall:

  • Bent Type
  • Anti Magnetic
  • 17g
  • Non Corrosive-Non Glare Stainless Steel
  • Light weight
  • No hand fatigue
  • Material: Regular Silver
  • Hyperfine High-Precision Non-Magnetic
  • Anti-Acid 

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