Complimentary Lash Lifting Training!


Cost of class.

SUMMER SPECIAL!! 3 month only.

  • $300 for lash lifting class
  • $400 for lash lifting + tinting class


What’s including.

  • 2 hours course 
  • Bling Lash Premium Lash Lift Kit. (Perm Glue, Perm Solution, Neutralizing lotion, Keratin Treatment, Separating Tools, Rod, Y Brush, etc.)
  • If you choose lifting and tinting class, also including one lash tint.
  • If you buy one Clinic Oil($50) additionally, you can learn how to use it in this class.


What’s lash-lift? 

  • A semi-permanent treatment to curl-up your upper lash. It is a great alternative to eyelash curler and even lash extension.


What’s lash tinting and who needs them?

  • Lash tinting is a procedure that darkening blonde/fair lash-hair to make them more noticeable.  


Why us?

  • Get most skills with less time and effort. 
  • Our class is available in multiple languages. (English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese and Japanese)
  • Conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan near the Flatiron Building.  
  • Flexible schedule as you make your appointment in advance. 
  • Our highly experienced technicians will teach you most practical knowledge, professionalism that you can only learn from Bling Lash!


What makes our Lash Lift Kit outstanding?

  • Bling Lash Premium Lash Lift Kit is a real game-changer. Lash-lift treatment started from Japan in the 1980 and we imported all qualified skills and products from Japan!! In our lash lift kit, it contains Japanese-style high technique and eye-friendly ingredients.
  • It is keratin based formula that aim to healthy, strong lashes, and beautiful curl of lashes. It may improve your own lash condition in long term use.  


What is Clinic Oil? 

Improve your Lash Lift Quality with Clinic Oil containing 17 natural oil ingredients! 

It minimizes eyelashes damage from perming, compared to the general lash lift.

Also it makes your lashes strength, healthy, elastic and shiny.

How to apply our class.

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