Over the past nine years, BLING LASH has become
New York's Premier Anti-Bacterial Eyelash Extension brand, having served thousands of clients in the beauty industry. All of the products that we offer have been specially developed in close collaboration with our technicians and clients which meet the highest standards in quality.

Our job is to create the anti-bacterial and highest quality of lashes available to buy

We create clean products. We care about the cleanliness as much as our customers do.
We focus on antimicrobial in order to suppress the growth of bacterias (mostly on eyelash items).
Feel free to try our new products exclusively available online without worrying about hygiene.


Our company is a dominant player in the beauty industry. Thanks to its young dynamic team that successfully launched private label products. We've created the BLING LASH brand which provides a wide selection of products to lash artists.
BLING LASH materials and tools are produced by the world's largest manufacturers. Ongoing development of new products and special offers help the work of the beauticians. Our main goal is satisfaction of artist's guests and returning in the future and the lash experts will choose BLING LASH products again and again.

Why Choose Us For Your Eyelash Extension Supplies
BLING LASH offers the largest selection of eyelash extension supplies. At BLING LASH, we always put quality over profit. That's why all standard eyelash extension trays have 14 lines of eyelash extensions opposed to only 12 lines that other companies offer. BLING LASH eyelash extensions never lose their curl, have true black color, and feel light and natural upon the eyes. We love our customers.

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